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LightLeakr is the photographic and digital work of creative photographer, Clint Nielsen

For years I’ve been shooting thousands and thousands of ‘keeper’ photos that have had nowhere to live other than on a home server. A need was not only created in a professional sense but also in a personal one—my clients and family would request travel and other candid portraits on a regular enough basis to make me want to keep them stored in a more ‘visible’ format online.

LightLeakr was born to fulfil that need.

Not as a ‘dumping ground’ for every photo taken mind you, but merely as a collective of the ‘best’ shots in my collection.


As for the term ‘LightLeakr’ itself…

Not to be read into too much, ‘Light Leak’ is merely a technique used in creative photography. In this instance, I’ve used it as more of a conceptual idea — painting with light or leaking light into a lens is what creates an image (in a broad sense).

For without ‘light’, you have no picture; light is the essence of photographic imagery.

As mentioned will serve as an ongoing scrapbook that will house everything from travel, conceptualised digital artworks all the way to family shoots and commissioned work for various industries and selected clients.

There are also limited edition prints for sale and free resources to various digital works that have been created over the years.

Please feel free to hit me up with any questions, comments or requests at