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Day shooting at Crescent Head, NSW

With such an evolving landscape to be shot at Crescent Head during a recent holiday trip with my family, there were numerous positions to capture the breathtaking landscapes beneath both Little Nobby at Pebbly Beach and Big Nobby (particularly with my newly acquired Canon R6!)

With some help, I was also able to locate the hidden cave beneath Big Nobby.

Cokin ND’s stacked (3 of them) were used at ISO 50 and F22 in most instances.

Next trip I’ll be doing sunrise and sunset sessions to truly capture the light perfectly.

Gear used
  • Canon R6
  • 16-35mm f/4 IS L
  • Cokin ND 2, 4, 8
  • Surui Tripod + Ball Head
  • Shutter Cable Release